Frequently Asked Questions

Books are like mirrors.  If a fool looks in, you cannot expect a genius to look out.”

- J. K. Rowling

Q: So what exactly is Falcon Berger?

A: Falcon Berger is a project to publish a modest number of children’s books, primarily for fun.

Q: Are you accepting submissions?

A: Unfortunately not.  We can only publish a small number of titles and have enough manuscripts and leads to keep us busy for now.

Q: What kind of business model do you use?

A: As a fledgeling venture, we are currently using a fuss-free print-on-demand model (popular with self-publishers) to make our first few titles available via online stores. As our catalogue expands we will make our business model more sophisticated.  At the moment, our focus is on producing attractive paperbacks, and making them available to buy at a fair price.

Q: Can I buy your books from brick-and-mortar bookstores and literary festivals?

A: At the minute, the answer is “not normally”, although we have sold some books through these channels.  As the project gathers momentum, a major milestone will be getting our books into actual shops across the UK on a more permanent basis.

Q: Are your titles available to buy as e-books?

A: Only Milton Strange, but this is something we are considering for other titles.

Q: Who does your design?

A: We design all our paperbacks in-house using free and open source software. The computers at Falcon Berger run Ubuntu (currently version 18.10) and we make extensive use of a vector graphics package called Inkscape. Most of the fonts we use on our covers and in our text blocks were designed by the brilliant Ray Larabie.

Q: Do you charge authors money to publish their books, or to design/ illustrate them, or for any related services (e.g., marketing)?

A: No, never! Were a very small outfit, but weve never asked an author for money and never will. 

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