About Harry 

A little nonsense now and then / Is cherished by the wisest men.”

- Roald Dahl 

Harry Ladd lives in Gloucester with his wife and two children. His passions include writing, mathematics and Doctor Who.

His first book, The Trumblebuggins, evolved from bedtime tales that he made up for his own children. You can read all about Olly and Cynthia Trumblebugginsincluding their hair-raising school reportshere.

At the time of writing, Harry is working hard on a brand new misadventure for these mischievous characters.


“TEN OR MORE pages could be filled describing all the terrible deeds of the Trumblebuggins children but you probably get the idea.
   So there’s no point going into what happened to next door’s hamster when Olly and Cynthia were given the job of taking care of her for a few days while the neighbours were on holiday in Spain.
   Suffice to say that Nibbles the Hamster, and her ball, were last seen rolling rapidly down the street attached to the back of the Number 49 bus...”

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