About Philip 

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.”

- Unknown 

Philip Threadneedle is an author from the North of England. His debut novel, The Astronauts Apprentice, was a comic caper for children aged 9-12, starring a normal earth boy and his long-lost alien Grandpa. We also published three sequels called City of Meteors, The Richest Man on Mars and Race to Planet Earth.  Together, the four books make a complete story, collectively known as the Astronaut's Apprentice series.


“LATER THAT DAY, while the eerie red world was shrinking from sight, Grandpa spotted something that made his face light up.
   ‘Star-pups!’ he cried, punching the air.  ‘A whole shoal of ’em!  Come and look!’
   Bradley dropped his supper and floated over.  Outside, the most incredible creatures were falling through space like enormous snowflakes.  They had no arms or legs, and reminded him of pompoms, or huge balls of fluff.  They glowed strangely in the darkness, like weird fish from the bottom of the ocean...” 

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